onsdag 2 augusti 2017

Islamska stater fördömer Israels "provokationer" vid Tempelberget

Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) anklagade i tisdags vid ett extra möte Israel för provokativa åtgärder vid Tempelberget och för att ha inflammerat situationen.
Detta trots att Israels "provokativa åtgärder", metalldetektorer för att förbättra säkerheten, har avlägsnats.

Att muslimer använder Tempelberget som utgångspunkt för terrorattacker mot Israel anses inte vara någon provokativ åtgärd eller  inflammera situationen..
Men i och för sig, terrorattacker mot Israel är enligt många muslimer Jihad, heligt krig, och det är varje muslims plikt att delta i Jihad. Så varför skulle islamska stater fördöma muslimer som utför sin plikt.

Muslim states slam ‘provocative’ Israeli actions at Temple Mount (The Times of Israel)

A joint communique issued after the OIC gathering said the meeting “strongly condemns Israel’s recent provocative actions” at the holy site.

It accused the Jewish state of “employing collective punishment measures and the use of lethal and excessive force against peaceful Palestinian worshipers” at the site.

... Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki told the meeting that Israel’s removal of the detectors was a “small victory in the long battle for freedom.”

But he accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of seeking to change the longstanding agreement whereby only Muslims are allowed to pray at the Temple Mount, although anyone can visit, including Jews.
“Netanyahu will try again to impose his status quo and we should prepare for the next round, which could come very soon and be very nasty,” he added.

... Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said it was time Muslim countries started to help the Palestinians “not just with words but with actions.”

“We must act to protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestine,” he said. 

...In its statement, the OIC accused the Israeli government of “neither (being) committed to peace nor interested in the two-state solution,” saying its actions were the “most dangerous threat to the prospects of peace.”

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