fredag 3 september 2021

Lögner från den palestinska myndigheten

 Lögner,lögner,lögner det är palestinska myndighetens melodi. 

Varje år vid årsdagen av när en australiensk man med mentala problem startade en eldsvåda i Al-Aqsa moskéen 1969 kommer den palestinska myndigheten med påståendet att det var en judisk extremist, "bosättare" som försökte bränna ner Al-Aqsa.

Michael Rohan, mannen från Australien var inte jude utan kristen.

PA TV libel: The Jews are still trying “to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and build the alleged Temple in its place” as they did in 1969 arson (PMW)

- PA libel: The Al-Aqsa fire in 1969 was set by “the Jews”

- PLO Islamic-Christian Council about Australian Christian who set the fire in 1969: Rohan was an “extremist Israeli settler”

- Official PA daily: Arson in 1969 was “the greatest crime committed by the terrorist bodies in the history of Zionist Judaism and messianic Judaism... It was committed... by a crazy man who was blind with hatred and fanaticism, namely Rabbi Kakhakh”

Every year, the PA commemorates the burning of the pulpit of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in 1969. And every year the PA repeats the libel that Jews set the fire.

In fact it was a man named Michael Rohan – an Australian Christian with a mental health disorder – who lit the fire in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in 1969.

But such facts don't matter to the PA. Every year, the PA uses the occasion to demonize Israel and Jews by claiming Rohan was a Jew, and to add fuel to its own “fire” that the PA always keeps on the backburner: The libel that Israel/the Jews are continuously trying to “destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and build the alleged Temple in its place.”

You can always blame Israel! PA: Israel spreads weapons among Palestinians to fuel internal disputes (PMW)

"Spokesman of PA Security Forces demonizes Israel, claims Israel deliberately spreads weapons among Palestinians to fuel internal disputes and “get rid of confrontations that are part of the popular uprising against this occupation”

The Palestinian Authority customarily blames Israel for its own shortcomings. While there are almost 70,000 personnel in the PA Security Forces, it would seem that they don't spend time gathering the numerous illegal weapons, including machine guns, held by Palestinians. When these weapons are used for terror, the PA is silent. But when they are used for internal Palestinian conflicts, the PA reverts to its constant fallback position: Blame Israel!..."

onsdag 1 september 2021

Riksdagsledamöten vill bojkotta uppföljningsmötet till Durbankonferenssen

 Tack till dem som står upp för det om är rätt!

Lars Adaktusson, Member of the Parliament of Sweden
Sanna Antikainen, Member of the Parliament of Finland
Antero Laukkanen, Member of the Parliament of Finland
Peter Östman, Member of the Parliament of Finland
Wille Rydman, Member of the Parliament of Finland
Päivi Räsänen, Member of the Parliament of Finland
John Weinerhall, Member of the Riksdagen of Sweden

30 European MPs call on states to drop UN conference tainted by antisemitism (UN Watch)

GENEVA, August 30, 2021 — A coalition of more than 30 members of parliament from across Europe and the UK today launched a global appeal, spearheaded by the Geneva-based non-governmental human rights group UN Watch, urging countries to pull out of the UN’s upcoming commemoration of a 2001 conference on racism that was plagued by virulent displays of  antisemitism. (See text of appeal and list of signatories below.) 

The September 22nd follow-up meeting of the Durban Conference, named after the South African city where the first edition was held in 2001, is scheduled to bring together world leaders on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York.

Citing concerns over antisemitism, numerous countries have already announced they are boycotting what has become known as “Durban IV,” including Austria, Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic. France, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the US...

söndag 22 augusti 2021

Vad och vem kommer efter Abbas?

 A look at the impending political turmoil after Abbas (PMW)

-PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is almost 86. He is now in the 17th year of his first four-year term as PA Chairman. In addition to being PA Chairman, Abbas is also the head of the PLO and the Fatah faction.

- In theory, after Abbas, the PA will need to hold elections to decide who will lead the organization.

- Palestinian opinion polls show that the leading candidate to replace Abbas is Marwan Barghouti, a terrorist convicted for his part in the murder of five people, who is currently serving five consecutive life sentences in an Israeli prison.

- In general elections, Hamas, an internationally designated terror organization, would most probably win control of the PA.

- In the absence of any real democratic culture, it is quite possible that Abbas will be replaced by one of the other Fatah leaders vying to inherit his position.   

Läs hela artikeln här!

onsdag 9 juni 2021

UNRWA och palestinska myndigheten uppmuntrar till hat mot judar

 Här följer två artiklar som visar att både UNRWA och den palestinska myndigheten lär de palestinska barnen att hata judar.

Secretary Blinken calls out UNRWA antisemitism in US Congress (Jerusalem Post)

Blinken referenced UNRWA educational materials that erase Israel from maps and praise terrorism and martyrdom

EU study finds incitement in Palestinian textbooks, kept from public Jerusalem Post)

Palestinian Authority textbooks encourage violence against Israelis and include antisemitic messages, according to an unpublished report commissioned by the European Union in 2019 and obtained by The Jerusalem Post.

The European Commission kept the report under wraps after receiving it from the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research earlier this year. Brussels directly funds the salaries of teachers and the publishers of textbooks, which, the report indicates, encourage and glorify violence against Israelis and Jews.

torsdag 27 maj 2021

Terrorist blir offer i den palestinska versionen


– footage shows one of the wounded Israelis with the knife still in his back,
moments after the attack

This week, a 17-year-old Arab teenager stabbed and wounded two Israelis. After the attack, one of the victims still had the knife sticking out of his back. The terrorist was shot and killed by an Israeli border patrol officer at the scene.

However, the PA and Fatah portray terrorist stabber Zuhdi Al-Tawil differently. According to their false narrative, the stabber was an innocent school boy, murdered in cold blood by Israel.

The PA completely inverted the events, declaring that terrorist Zuhdi Al-Tawil was the victim of an Israeli attack:

“Zuhdi Al-Tawil, a 17-year-old youth… was shot by the occupation forces and died as a Martyr yesterday [May 24, 2021,] in the French Hill area of occupied Jerusalem, after a stabbing operation by extremist Israelis.”

[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May 25, 2021]

Referring to the image below, the official PA daily continued its portrayal of the terrorist as if he was an innocent young man, emphasizing that he was a young student who was unrightfully killed – “with his schoolbag next to him”:

[Website of Al-Jazeera Mubasher, May 24, 2021]

“Local sources said that the Martyr is an outstanding high school student in the sciences track… An image was published on social media of the Martyr on the ground handcuffed with his schoolbag next to him.”

[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May 25, 2021]

Fatah likewise claimed that Israel invented the story of the boy’s stabbing attack “as a pretext” to shoot “a young man”. Fatah repeated the Palestinian claim that all reported stabbing attacks against Israelis are fake and made up as a “pretext” Israel “uses every time” to have an excuse to kill Palestinians:

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT – Disproving the Fatah TV host’s lie, footage shows one of the wounded Israelis with the knife still in his back, moments after the attack

Fatah-run Awdah TV host: “Today the occupation police killed a young man at the beginning of his life (i.e., terrorist, stabbed 2) on the pretext of carrying out a stabbing attack – which is a pretext that it (i.e., Israel) uses every time, while it is lenient with the settlers as they riot against the Palestinians, against our people.”

[Facebook page of the Fatah Commission of Information and Culture, May 24, 2021]

However, a Palestinian teenager attempting to murder Israelis should not be unexpected, as this is exactly what the PA/Fatah tell Palestinian youth they expect of them. As Palestinian Media Watch has exposed numerous times, it is the PA and Fatah that have taught Palestinian youth that achieving martyrdom-death while “defending” the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem from danger of “Judaization” is “the path to excellence and greatness” – and preferable to their studies...

tisdag 11 maj 2021

Det drar ihop sig till ett nytt krig mellan Israel och terroristerna i Gaza

 Mer än  700 raketer har avfyrats mot Israel från Gaza under det senaste dygnet. Raketerna har förorsakat åtminstone 3 israeliska dödsoffer och över hundra skadade.

Av raketerna föll 150 inne i Gaza uppger IDF och hur många dödsoffer de förorsakat där är oklart.
200 raketer har skjutits ner av israelisk försvaret.
Raketerna har förutom närområdet till Gaza riktats mot Jerusalem och Tel-Avivområdet. Därför kommer Israel med största sannolikhet att slå tillbaka hårt den här gången. Det verkar också som att Israel inte bara bombat tomma hus och vapenlager utan några terroristledare i Gaza har fått sätta livet till.
Under tisdagskvällen har hundratals raketer avfyrats mot Tel-Aviv området och förorsakat döda och skadade.

Israel under fire: Live updates on rocket alerts (Här kan man se vilka områden som utsätts för raketbeskjutning)

När palestinierna vill ha våld hjälper det inte att Israel försöker lugna ner situationen. Herb Keinon: "As tension mounted in Jerusalem in recent days because of Ramadan, the cancellation of Palestinian Authority elections, slated evictions from Sheikh Jarrah and Jerusalem Day celebrations, some called on Israel to be smart, not right. What did it mean to be smart in these circumstances? Postponing the Sheikh Jarrah evictions, temporarily barring Jews from the Temple Mount and diverting the traditional Jerusalem Day march away from both Damascus Gate and the Muslim Quarter in Jerusalem’s Old City so as not inflame an already combustible situation. And Israel was smart: It did all of the above. The Supreme Court hearing on the Sheikh Jarrah evictions was postponed until June 8, Jews were kept from the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day on Tuesday, and on that same day the traditional flag procession to the Western Wall through Damascus Gate was diverted elsewhere. But it helped not a whit. Rockets were still fired on Jerusalem, and then they pounded the South. Riots broke out in the mixed Jewish-Arab cities of Haifa, Ramle and Lod, as well as in Arab cities in the Galilee. Arabs blocked roads in the South, and passing motorists were threatened and pelted with rocks..."

Ignoring rocket fire, most foreign media focus on Israel’s airstrikes (Medias rapportering verkar vara lika vinklad som vanligt när det krisar till sig)

De palestinska ledarnas uppmaning till våld ignoreras helt av omvärlden.

- With Abbas and his Fatah party leading the violent Palestinian rioting against Israel in the name of “protecting Jerusalem,” Hamas was left with no choice but to compete with Fatah by attacking Israel.
- Abbas demanded violence using the PA euphemism “peaceful popular resistance” – the Palestinian public understood
- Abbas’ Fatah: “The Fatah Movement with all its elements and leadership calls to continue this uprising” and calls “everyone to raise the level of confrontation in the coming days and hours in the Palestinian lands”
- Abbas’ Presidential Office Spokesman to Palestinians: “The battle of all battles has arrived… [the] “long struggle against a satanic colonialist force”
- The Fatah Revolutionary Council “called on all Fatah’s frameworks everywhere to act to support our people in occupied Jerusalem, who are fighting the occupation authorities’ incessant violations”

måndag 26 april 2021

Varför är det oroligt i Jerusalem?

 Herb Keinon ger fyra orsaker till oroligheterna i Jerusalem:

1) Ramadan 

Det sker alltid en ökning av våldsdåden från palestiniernas sida under ramadan.

2) Det palestinska valet

Alla palestinska grupperingar vill framstå som "försvarare" av Jerusalem. Därför uttrycker också de palestinska ledarna sitt stöd för huliganerna i stället för att mana till lugn.

3) Den politiska situationen i Israel 

Israel har under en längre tid haft en svag regering som har svårt att fungera ordentligt.

4) Iran

Iran försöker alltid ställa till problem för Israel. 

What triggered the uptick in violence? - analysis