torsdag 11 juli 2019

Efter 5 år i fängelse får palestinska terrorister löneförhöjning

Paletinska myndigheten betalar lön till alla terrorister som dödar judar. Efter 5 år i fängelse fördubblas lönen.


“Having dealt personally with the prosecution of Al-Qawasmi, and having seen the evil that he represents, it is unfathomable to me that the PA pays this murderer anything,” Maurice Hirsch, head of legal strategies at PMW said. “The PA pays millions of shekels to terrorists every day. For the PA it doesn't matter whether you belong to Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad or Fatah; whether you murdered children, women or the elderly. What is important is that you were involved in terrorism against Israel and Israelis.”

PA doubles the salary of murderer of 3 Israeli teenagers (PMW)

- The PA today doubled the monthly salary it pays to the terrorist prisoner who planned the murder of 3 Israeli teens in 2014
- To date, the PA has paid the murderer almost 100,000 shekels
- The PA has paid the families of the two other terrorist murderers of the teenagers a total of 255,200 shekels. They were killed - becoming so-called "Martyrs" - when they resisted arrest  

The terrorist convicted for planning the kidnapping and murder of the teens - Husam Al-Qawasmi - was arrested on July 11, 2014. Having now served five years in prison, Al-Qawasmi is having his salary doubled by the PA, jumping from 2,000 shekels/month to 4,000 shekels/month. The organizer of this murderous attack has already been paid 98,400 shekels by the PA since his arrest. 

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