onsdag 13 januari 2021

Covid-19 vaccin och palestinierna

Eftersom det börjat kommas anklagelser mot Israel för att de inte förser palestinierna med vaccin kommer här två artiklar som behandlar ämnet.
- palestinierna har inte velat ha hjälp av Israel för att skaffa vaccin
- palestinska myndigheten  har enligt Osloavtalet kontroll över palestiniernas hälsovård, inte Israel
- när det gäller epidemier/pandemier skall de två parterna samarbeta, vilket palestinierna hittills inte verkar ha varit intresserade av

PA slow to secure Covid-19 vaccines, so it decides to blame Israel (PMW)

Timeline of the PA vaccine activities and libel blaming Israel:‎

Nov. 21, 2020:‎
PA meets with WHO, UNICEF, UNRWA “to ensure that Palestine is provided ‎with adequate Coronavirus vaccines” (Israel not invited)‎

Dec. 12, 2020:‎
PA orders “four million doses of the Russian vaccine… expected in Palestine by ‎the end of this year” (Israel's help not requested)‎

Jan. 9, 2021:‎
PA announces: “Four vaccine producer companies [will deliver for] 70% of the ‎Palestinian people… the WHO will provide for 20%” (Israel's help not needed)‎

Jan. 9, 2021:
PA announces: “Two million doses were ordered [from AstraZeneca]… we ‎received an official response from the company… [Also] the Russian company ‎Sputnik, and a vaccine was ordered… We are not just waiting… we are ‎working…” (Israel's help not needed)‎

Suddenly, after everything the PA was doing independently - it was time to blame Israel: ‎

Jan. 10, 2021:‎
PA Foreign Ministry demands that Israel “ supply the Palestinian people with ‎Coronavirus vaccines… [Israel is] racially discriminating against the ‎Palestinian people, and negating its right to health [services]… an apartheid ‎against the Palestinian people in the field of health” ‎

...While it is unclear why the PA’s planning is not satisfactory, apparently seeing Israel's success ‎obtaining vaccines, the PA then reverted to its default position:  ‎blaming and demonizing Israel. ‎
Finally, it should be noted that the Oslo Accords transferred full responsibility for the ‎health of Palestinians to the PA, which now has completely autonomous health ‎services, for which it receives significant international financial aid. Whereas, Israel ‎regularly supplies healthcare aid to the PA, as it did in the early months of the Covid-19 ‎crisis, Israel does this not out of obligation but out of its concern for the health of its ‎neighbors.‎

"Israel gave 100 doses of coronavirus vaccines to the Palestinian Authority as a “humanitarian gesture” a week and a half ago, the government informed the High Court of Justice on Wednesday.

The government’s acknowledgement followed a High Court petition filed by the family of Hadar Goldin, a soldier whose body is being held in Gaza by the Hamas terror group. Goldin’s family seeks to condition the entry of aid into Gaza — including coronavirus vaccines — on the return of their son’s body...

The issue of Israel’s legal responsibility to the Palestinians in a pandemic is highly contentious and hotly debated by international law experts. The 1995 Oslo II Accord delegates responsibility for health care to the Palestinian Authority. But the same treaty also obligates the two sides to cooperate in fighting epidemics."

As Israel’s world-leading coronavirus vaccination program makes international headlines, Human Rights Watch executive director Ken Roth took to Twitter to spread the lie that Israel is committing an act of racism by not vaccinating all Palestinians living under Hamas rule in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer explains why Roth’s claims are a deception:

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