onsdag 10 mars 2021

Vad hände vid fredsförhandlingarna år 2000?

 Om man är intresserad av vad som hände vid fredsförhandlingarna i slutet av år 2000 kan man läsa följande analys. 

In Depth: Arafat Rejected Peace in 2000


Recent peace agreements between Israel and UAE, Bahrain and Sudan have changed the face of the Arab-Israeli conflict and revealed a pent-up frustration among Arab nations with the long-standing Palestinian veto on their ability to normalize relations with Israel.

Arab nations have not suddenly become “pro-Israel” or abandoned their support for a Palestinian state, but they are more willing to call out Palestinian mistakes and lack of gratitude for longstanding Arab support. This dynamic was starkly on display in a recent interview of Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia on Al Arabiya, a Saudi-owned television channel. Bandar spoke for over an hour, focusing on Palestinian leadership mistakes over the decades, capped off in the final part recounting the colossal error committed by Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat in rejecting a peace agreement with Israel in 2000-2001. Even though these events are twenty years old, Bandar puts it front and center, demonstrating its enduring importance in discourse about the conflict. This article will review the old and new evidence showing the tragedy of Arafat’s “no” response to an attractive peace deal, despite continued attempts by many to absolve Arafat and the Palestinians of fault..."

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