torsdag 25 november 2010

“Human Rights in the Middle East”

Här kan man läsa ett intressant tal av Robert Bernstein, grundaren av Human Right Watch.
Bernstein behandlar och kritiserar bl.a. HRW och andra mänskorättsorganisationers behandling av Israel. Ett långt tal men läsvärt.

“Human Rights in the Middle East”
You may wonder why a man just shy of his 88th birthday would get up at 5 in the morning to fly to Omaha to give a speech. Frankly, since accepting this kind offer, I’ve wondered myself. Here’s why. Having devoted much of my life to trying to make the Universal Declaration of Human Rights come alive in many places in the world, I have become alarmed at how some human rights organizations, including the one I founded, are reporting on human rights in the Middle East.

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