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Biståndsgivarna till de palestinska myndigheterna är ansvarslösa

Norges utrikesminister har under senaste tiden fått försöka förklara Norges bistånd till de palestinska myndigheterna när det framgått att de palestinska myndigheterna betalar höga löner till terrorister som sitter i fängelse i Israel.
Men istället för att kritisera de palestinska myndigheterna riktar utrikesminister Espen Barth Eide kritken mot Palestinian Media Watch som analyserat och tagit fram fakta om de palestinska myndigheternas agerande.
  Nan Jacques Zilberdik analytiker på PMW skriver att det verkar som om biståndsgivarna till de palestinska myndigheterna skulle säga: "Vi har vår åsikt kom inte och förvirra oss med fakta".
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Norway and other European obstacles to peace
"... I know that for many, PMW’s documentation is an inconvenient truth. Clearly, it is difficult to believe in the two-state solution’s potential for success when watching official PA TV broadcast songs depicting the Israeli cities Haifa, Acre and Jaffa as “Palestinian”; when seeing Palestinian kids recite poems that demonize Jews as “Satan” or “the enemies of Allah, the sons of pigs”; and when hearing senior PA leaders commemorate terrorist killers as “martyrs” and “heroes” whose “path” Palestinians are encouraged to follow.

Growing up in Denmark, the conflict was misrepresented to me. I am certain that only exposing the obstacles to peace on both sides – and they exist on the Israeli side as well – will ever eliminate them. For this reason, I have been a senior analyst at PMW for nearly five years, co-author all its publications, and speak in various parliaments exposing these impediments to peace.

What surprises and alarms me is that instead of joining me in condemning this hate promotion, Norway and other donors continue to ignore most of PMW’s findings.

They silently accept without condemnation the PA’s teaching hatred of Jews, glorification of terrorist murderers, and praising suicide bombers as “role models.” It’s as if they are saying: “Our mind is made up, please don’t confuse us with facts.”..."

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 Abbas falsely proclaims that there is no PA incitement
 During his speech yesterday at the World Economic Forum in Jordan, PA Chairman Abbas proclaimed that the PA does not incite to hatred and does not educate to discriminate against Judaism, but strives to "spread the culture of peace" among Palestinians. However, as Palestinian Media Watch's reports continue to show, Abbas' statements in Jordan are far from the reality of the discourse in Arabic in the PA.

Här kan man se lögnaren  Abbas i farten


 Members of US Congress demand
that Abbas denounce terror glorification
and fire his former advisor
following PMW's exposure
of his glorification of murderer

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