måndag 16 september 2019

Presentation av partierna i parlamentsvalet

Round two: ToI’s guide to the 30 parties that want your vote, again (TOI)

"Everything you need to know about the front-runners, the new alliances, the parties in danger of stumbling under the electoral threshold, and the earnest yet hopeless unknowns

On Tuesday, Israelis head to the ballot box in what could herald a repeat of the gridlock after April’s national vote, when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to form a coalition and then sent the country back to the polls in order to prevent his chief rival, Blue and White chair Benny Gantz, from having the opportunity to try and form a coalition of his own.

With public interest in the second election at a record low, parties have largely waited until the final weeks of the campaign to push their message to voters, focusing primarily on dissuading the public from voting for their rivals on both sides of the political aisle.

The total of 30 factions is down from the last election cycle, when a record 47 parties registered for the April 9 vote. America somehow gets by with two political parties for its 300 million-strong population. We fewer than nine million Israelis, with our over-abundance of political democracy, evidently need dozens of choices..."

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