söndag 12 juli 2020

Anglican support for Israel’s claim to West Bank

Tyvärr är det inte kyrkosamfundens ledare som stöder Israel, men det finns medlemmar som gör det.
Ett bra motiverat inlägg om varför Israel har rätt att infoga delar av västbanken i staten Israel.

Anglican support for Israel’s claim to West Bank
Not all Anglicans agree with the Archbishop of Canterbury’s recent protest against extending Israeli sovereignty over the part of the West Bank that contains 132 Jewish towns. In a letter he cowrote with Roman Catholic Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Justin Welby objects to the Israeli government’s plan “to annex West Bank territory.” He suggests that this would threaten “prospects for peace.”
I am an Anglican priest and theologian who thinks Israel is justified in its extension of Israeli sovereignty over this part of the West Bank. It is not annexation as legally defined in international law, and Jewish Israel has far better claims to the land than do Palestinians. 

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