fredag 16 juli 2010

FN och Israel

FN:s mänskorättsråd har tillsatt en kommitte för att följa upp Goldstonerapporten. Medlemmarna har valts ut för att arbeta vidare i Goldstonerapporten anda. Alla har kopplingar till International Commission of Jurists som är känd för sina anti-israeliska ställningstaganden.
Lägre ner en satirisk video om FN och bl.a dess inställning till Israel från No laughing matter

Goldstone follow-up panel slammed (Jerusalem Post)
BERLIN – An American UN expert on Thursday slammed the appointment of German jurist Christian Tomuschat as chairman of the UN committee responsible for implementing the findings of the Goldstone Report on Operation Cast Lead, and an Israelbased expert blasted all three of the committee’s members for their affiliation with an “anti-Israel” NGO.In a 2007 interview with the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger daily, Tomuschat said, “Israel killed the spiritual leader of Hamas in 2004, Sheikh Yassin, with a missile, killing eight... Targeted killings are as ruthless as the attacks of terrorists.”
When asked in the interview if Israel’s targeted killings constitute “state terrorism,” Tomuschat said, “It is very much in that direction.”

Last month, the UN human rights commissioner, Navi Pillay, appointed three members of the panel that will conduct a follow-up probe to the Goldstone Report. The other two committee members are Malaysian Param Cumaraswamy and American Mary Davis. The panel is charged with examining the efficiency, independence and professionalism of Israel’s court system and its adherence to internationally accepted standards.Gerald Steinberg, the head of the human rights watchdog group NGO Monitor, told the Post that the committee’s members are affiliated with the International Commission of Jurists, and the “ICJ has had a long history of anti-Israel bias going back to Jenin [after the IDF’s Operation Defensive Wall in 2002]. Involving ICJ officials in an UN-related commission is another illustration of the link between the UN [Human Rights] Council and ideological NGOs.”

UN Moves Forward to Implement Goldstone Report (Weekly Standard)
Svensk översättning av artikeln här
New UN committee members and UN staffer have anti-Israel connections.
Among the multitude of attacks on Israel that the United Nations has sponsored over the decades, last year’s Goldstone report on the 2009 Gaza war stands out for its dangerous distortions of fact and law. Now the UN Human Rights Council has sponsored a second-team of investigators to press forward with the report’s implementation. Just as with round one, the United Nations has guaranteed the result of round two by selecting individuals whose independence is compromised from the start.
This second rendition of Goldstone was crafted by a March 2010 resolution of the Human Rights Council. That resolution first declares that Israel – and only Israel – committed “unlawful acts” in the Gaza war. And then it establishes a committee of experts to monitor and assess all judicial and other proceedings taken by Israel to respond to the General Assembly’s endorsement of the Goldstone report and its long list of supposed Israeli crimes.

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