fredag 9 juli 2010

Israel avslöjar Hizzbollahs hänsynslösa upprustning

Israels armé publicerade denhär veckan hemligstämplade dokument och kartor som visar hur Hizbollah rustar upp i södra Libanon.
Hizzbollah placerar vapenföråd och kommandocentraler bredvid skolor och sjukhus och tar över privata hus.
I nästa krig kommer civila att drabbas, men kommer omvärlden att kritisera Hizzbollah som använder civila som sköldar eller kommer man att ensidigt åter en gång fördöma Israel?
Alla som följt med händelserna i Mellanöstern en längre tid vet svaret på frågan.

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Analysis: The IDF intel Jerusalem Post
The IDF’s decision to declassify maps, videos and photos of Hizbullah positions in southern Lebanon carries an element of risk. Hizbullah will see that the IDF knows where its positions are in the village of el-Khiam, and will likely make a similar assumption regarding its positions in other villages. It could then move its assets and try hiding them again in different buildings.The IDF weighed the risks, but decided on Wednesday that it had more to gain than to lose in releasing the information.

The IDF fights back Jerusalem Post
The IDF this week declassified sensitive intelligence information on Hizbullah’s rearmament campaign in south Lebanon. Detailed aerial photos, videos and maps show how the terrorist organization is again ruthlessly preparing to use Lebanese civilians as human shields, as exemplified by its deployment in one Shi’ite village – el-Khiam – located just 4 kilometers from the Israeli border. There, Hizbullah has embedded its weapon caches, bunkers, command-and-control centers and missile stockpiles – and stationed its armed personnel – in and alongside hospitals, mosques, schools and homes.

På följande sida finns kartor och mera information
Intelligence Maps: How Hezbollah Uses Lebanese Villages as Military Bases, 7 July 2010
The following declassified intelligence maps as well as the 3D animated clip illustrate how Hezbollah, in the four years since the Second Lebanon War, has turned over 100 villages in South Lebanon into military bases. These maps and the 3D clip illustrate how Hezbollah stores their weapons near schools, hospitals, and residential buildings in the village of al-Khiam. They follow similar tactics in villages across southern Lebanon, essentially using the residents as human shields, in gross violation of UN Resolution 1701. al-Khiam was used as a rocket launching site during the Second Lebanon war.
During the Second Lebanon war, Hezbollah stored their weapons in open areas for the most part, which enabled the IDF to locate and destroy their stores. In the four years since then, Hezbollah has pursued a tactic of moving their weapons into civilian villages, essentially institutionalizing the tactic of using human shields on a large scale

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