söndag 21 maj 2017

Abbas tal i Indien

Det har  aldrig funnits någon palestinsk stat och ingen palestinsk huvudstad i Jerusalem, det är ett historiskt faktum. Men Mahmoud Abbas pratar som om han skulle tro att så är fallet och som om han skulle tro att de som lyssnar på honom inte har någon kunskap om historia.
De palestinska terrorister och mördare som sitter i israeliskt fängelse lovordar han åter en gång och kräver att omvärlden skall hjälpa till så att de alla skall friges utan villkor.
MEMRI har översatt Abbas tal i Indien.

Palestinian Authority President 'Abbas: Palestinian Nakba Continues To This Day – And Its Source Is The Balfour Declaration; The Palestinians' Strategic Choice Is Peace Provided That It Includes Right Of Return, Compensation In Accordance With Resolution 194

The following is a translation of 'Abbas's speech:[2]
"Today we mark the 69th anniversary of the Nakba. Marking the 1948 Nakba is not marking something that is over and done with – it is a painful marking [of something] that continues in our lives [today]. Our Palestinian people, who have paid the price of a history not their own [i.e. the Holocaust of the Jews], still suffer from the very same injustice that began over a century ago, with the Zionist emergence and its false vision denying our existence on our land – that still denies our national and legitimate rights that are explicitly set out in the international legitimate resolutions.
"On this painful anniversary, we are charged with emphasizing that the continually intensifying historic injustice caused to our people actually began with the regrettable Balfour Declaration. From here, I call on the British government to bear historic and moral responsibility and not to mark or celebrate the 100th anniversary of this refuted declaration, but to hasten to apologize to our Palestinian people, who have paid dearly in lives and in uprooting [from their land] as a result of this regrettable declaration's implementation at the expense of our historic homeland and our people and their legitimate rights.
"Our people will not leave behind the issue of the Nakba until all their legitimate national rights are recognized, without exception – and first and foremost the right of return and the right to self-determination and establishing an independent, fully sovereign state in the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.
"We have already clarified, on every occasion, that peace is our strategic choice, but not at any price – it must be a just and comprehensive peace based on the legitimate international resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative, including the Palestinian right of return and compensation, in accordance with Resolution 194.
"Today, as we mark Nakba Day, we will in no way forget our hero prisoners in the prisons of the Israeli occupation, who are waging a battle for freedom and honor. I salute them, admire them, and esteem them, and promise them that we will not rest or be silent until they all obtain their freedom and return to their families with heads held high. From here, I call on the international community to intervene and to act to pressure the Israeli government to comply with [the prisoners'] humanitarian, legitimate, and just demands, as a prelude to unconditionally releasing them, without exception.
"Oh, our mighty community of the Palestinian people! Our struggle, our steadfastness on our homeland, and our determination to cling to our national rights are the critical element that will necessarily lead us to freedom and independence, as we focus on learning the lessons of the Nakba, particularly in light of these grave challenges facing the Palestinian cause. Accordingly, I renew the call to end the [intra-Palestinian] schism, and to unite the ranks [nationally,] so that [we will be able to] face all the challenges. This is because our national unity is a sacred principle, and only by means of it will our people actualize their hopes and aspirations, and build their national independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.
"To the glory of the righteous martyrs,
"Freedom for our hero prisoners,.
"Long live a free and independent Palestine."

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