söndag 4 juni 2017

UNRWA använder falskt foto för att få hjälp till Gaza

Ett foto av en flicka från Damaskus används av UNRWA för att beskriva den dåliga situationen i Gaza, rapporterar UN Watch.

Watchdog group: UNRWA urging aid for Gaza victims using photo of Syrian girl (the Times of Israel)
A watchdog group accused the UN agency responsible for Palestinian refugees of dishonest tactics Friday, for claiming a photo of a girl in a bombed-out house in Syria was actually of a child in the Gaza Strip.
In a post to Facebook, on twitter and on its website, UNRWA used the photo of the girl, which it identified as “Aya,” claiming that she had suffered from Israel’s blockade of Gaza her entire life.

A photo posted by UNRWA on Facebook of a girl identified as Gazan 'Aya'. However the group has previously described her on multiple occasions as a Syrian refugee (Facebook)

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