torsdag 27 september 2018

Netanyahus tal till FN:s generalsförsamling

At UN, Netanyahu reveals Iranian nuclear warehouse, urges IAEA to go inspect it

‘What Iran hides, Israel will find’: Full text of Netanyahu’s UN speech
"... Yet here at the UN, here at the UN, Israel is absurdly accused of racism.
Israel’s Arab citizens vote in our elections, serve in our parliament, preside over our courts, and have exactly the same individual rights as all other Israeli citizens. Yet here at the UN, Israel is shamefully accused of apartheid.
Today, there are at least five times as many Palestinians as there were in 1948, the year of Israel’s founding. Yet here at the UN, Israel is outrageously accused of ethnic cleansing.
Ladies and gentlemen, you know what this is?
It’s the same old anti-Semitism with a brand new face. That’s all it is.
Once, it was the Jewish people that were slandered and held to a different standard.
Today, it’s the Jewish state that is slandered and held to a different standard.
Here’s an example: Take the outlandish attacks that have been leveled against Israel after our Knesset, our parliament, recently adopted a law declaring Israel the nation-state of the Jewish people.
Mind you, Israel is a free country. You can oppose a law, and people did. You can call for different wording in this or that clause, or you can call to add or subtract a clause. You can do that.
But when Israel is called racist, Israel is called racist for making Hebrew its official language and the Star of David its national flag, when Israel is labeled an apartheid state for declaring itself the nation-state of the Jewish people, this is downright preposterous. And you know why?
Because represented in this hall today are more than 100 countries that have only one official language, even though many other languages are commonly spoken within those countries. There are more than 50 countries here that have crosses or crescents on their flags, even though they have many non-Muslims and non-Christians, many of them, living in their midst. And there are dozens of countries that define themselves as nation states of a particular people, even though there are many ethnic and national minorities within their borders.
None of those countries are denigrated or libeled for celebrating their unique national identity. Only Israel is denigrated. Only Israel is libeled.
What is unique about the Jewish people is not that we have a nation-state. What is unique is that many still oppose us having a nation-state.
Moments ago, President Abbas outrageously said that Israel’s nation-state law proves that Israel is a racist, apartheid state.
President Abbas, you should know better. You wrote a dissertation denying the Holocaust. Your Palestinian Authority imposes death sentences on Palestinians for selling land to Jews. Did you hear that? If a Jew buys an apartment, a piece of land anywhere in the Palestinian territories, the Palestinian who sold him that land is executed. That’s what the law says.
President Abbas, you proudly pay Palestinian terrorists who murder Jews. In fact, the more they slay, the more you pay. That’s in their law too. And you condemn Israel’s morality? You call Israel racist?
This is not the way to peace. This is not the way to achieve the peace we all want and need and to which Israel remain committed. This body should not be applauding the head of a regime that pays terrorists. The UN should condemn such a despicable policy. ..."

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