torsdag 25 oktober 2012

Index of Palestinian Incitement

 Index of PA Incitement Ministry of Strategic Affairs Office of the Prime Minister of Israel
 Palestinian Media Watch har översatt en israelisk regeringsrapport om hur de palestinska myndigheterna uppviglar till hat mot Israel och judar.

The efforts of the Palestinian Authority to inculcate its core narrative are systematic and ongoing. The indoctrination is aimed at the Palestinian public in general, and at children and youth in particular.
The Palestinians do not regard themselves as obligated by agreements with Israel which require that all issues be resolved by means of negotiations alone. All forms of 'struggle' remain legitimate (including those that are less cost efficient at the present time).
The combination of promoting an atmosphere that supports violence, demonization of Israelis and Jews, and not creating a culture of peace, has led to the consolidation of an ethos that perpetuates the conflict by sanctifying those fundamental values that are the antithesis of peace.
This is the primary obstacle to peace.

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