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Rapport om hur palestinierna använder barn i striderna mot Israel

PMW to UNICEF: Stop ignoring PA recruitment of child soldiers/terrorists

Every year, the local branch of UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) releases a biased report on “Children and Armed Conflict,” which routinely blames Israel for its treatment of Palestinian children combatants but ignores the fact that it is the Palestinian Authority who recruits the children into combat - in violation of international law.
To counter this bias, Palestinian Media Watch has sent an extensive and detailed report to UNICEF describing how the PA recruited child soldiers/terrorists, in 2019.
PMW's report shows how the PA indoctrinates Palestinian children to hate Jews and Israel; to aspire to the destruction of Israel; brainwashes the Palestinian children to admire murderers; weaponizes the Palestinian children and promotes their participation in violence. The report further shows how the PA pays substantial financial rewards to the child terrorists. Damningly, PMW’s report also shows how the PA leadership openly admits that the child terrorists are the PA’s soldiers.
While UNICEF, overtly and covertly, collaborates with a host of Palestinian NGOs, who provide them with claims of alleged abuses of the rights of the Palestinian children by Israel, which UNICEF includes in its annual report, UNICEF does nothing to gather information about the PA or other Palestinian terror groups recruitment of children. This year PMW has done the work for UNICEF.
PMW’s full report can be read here.
The way to protect Palestinian children from conflict is not to criticize Israeli law enforcement. It begins with identifying the clear factors that drive the Palestinian minors to participate in violence and terror.
Accordingly, and based on the findings of the report, PMW recommends that UNICEF:
  1. Recognize and directly attribute the participation of Palestinian children in widespread and systematic acts of violence and terrorism against Israel and Israelis to the policies of the PA
  2. Demand that the PA immediately desist from indoctrinating Palestinian children to hate Jews and Israel, and to believe in the destruction of Israel
  3. Demand that the PA immediately desist from brainwashing the Palestinian children to admire murderers
  4. Demand that the PA immediately desist from weaponizing the Palestinian children
  5. Demand that the PA immediately desist from promoting the participation of the Palestinian children in violence and acts of terror
  6. Demand that the PA immediately desist from paying financial rewards to the child terrorists

Läs hela rapporten här:
PMW submission to UNICEF: How the PA weaponized Palestinian children against Israel - 2019

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