tisdag 24 april 2012

Fem myter om Mellanöstern

Israels FN ambassadör  Ron Prosor har talat inför säkerhetsrådet.Han tog upp fem myter om Mellanöstern.
Amb. Prosor:

Thank you, Madame President.
Churchill once said, "In the time that it takes a lie to get halfway around the world, the truth is still getting its pants on."
In the barren deserts of the Middle East, myths find fertile ground to grow wild. Facts often remain buried in the sand. The myths forged in our region travel abroad - and can find their way into these halls. I would like to use today's debate as an opportunity to address just a few of the myths that have become a permanent hindrance to our discussion of the Middle East here at the United Nations. 

1) Myth number one: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the central conflict in the Middle East. If you solve that conflict, you solve all the other conflicts in the region.
2) Myth number two: There is a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. 
3) Myth number three: Settlements are the primary obstacle to peace. 
4)Palestinian leaders say "two states for two peoples"
5) The myth that peace can somehow be achieved between Israelis and Palestinians by bypassing direct negotiations.
Läs ambassadör Prosors tal här: Statement by Amb Prosor to the UN Security Council

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