tisdag 26 april 2016

Obamas dubbelmoral

Obama ser inga problem med att han som vän blandar sig i Storbritanniens angelägenheter. Men när Israels premiärminister och vännen Netanyahu blandade sig i USA:s angelägenheter då var det minsann problematiskt.
Läs mera vad Alan Dershowitz skriver i Jerusalem Post:
Dershowitz: Obama’s double standard toward Netanyahu
"...The president owes the American people, and Benjamin Netanyahu, an explanation for his apparent hypocrisy and inconsistency. Let there be one rule that covers all friends – not one for those with whom you agree and another for those with whom you disagree. For me the better rule is open dialogue among friends on all issues of mutual importance. Under this rule, which President Obama now seems to accept, he should have welcomed Prime Minister Netanyahu’s advocacy before Congress, instead of condemning it. He owes Prime Minister Netanyahu an apology, and so do those Democratic members of Congress who rudely stayed away from Netanyahu’s informative address to Congress."

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