onsdag 6 juni 2018

Argentina hoppade av fotbollsmatch mot Israel efter hot från Israelhatare

Argentinas landslag i fotboll som skulle spela en match mot Israel i Jerusalem på lördag har dragit sig ur. Hot mot spelare och laget från Israelhatare ledde till i beslutet.

Soccer match nixed after Argentina players threatened, officials say

Argentine pundits lambaste national team’s ‘hypocrisy’ on Israel game (TOI)
In order to be consistent in its decision to avoid controversy abroad, Winazki wrote, the national team should also “not play in Russia, because the Kremlin was behind the decision to launch military incursions in Syria in complicity with the tyrant Bashar Assad, causing the deaths of thousands of citizens of that country.”
It should also stay away from Iceland due to its involvement in alliances “that invaded Iraq and Afghanistan by blood and fire,” he wrote.
“Nor against Nigeria in protest against the atrocities perpetrated by the terrorist group Boko Haram against thousands of victims, mostly women,” he said.

“We will not play against Spain, for its colonial enclaves in Ceuta and Melilla” on the Moroccan coast, Winazki added, and “for the electrified gates at those sites that kill migrants.”

Who's politicizing sports?

Palestinian Football Association head Rajoub complained
Israel is "politicizing sports"
by hosting Argentina in "occupied" Jerusalem
for a friendly football match

But who is really politicizing sports?

Who called to "burn" shirts and photos
of Argentinian player Messi
to prevent him from playing in Israel
and "beautifying the fascist occupation's image"?
- Rajoub did

Who prohibited Palestinian players and athletes
from competing against Israelis?
- Rajoub did

Who called a friendly match between Palestinian and Israeli kids
"a crime against humanity"?
- Rajoub did

Who is speaking against "normalization in sports" with Israel?
- Rajoub is

Who sponsored a tennis tournament named after murderer of 2?
- Rajoub did

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