fredag 26 oktober 2018

From inside Gaza: Challenges amid crises, a look at everyday life

From inside Gaza: Challenges amid crises, a look at everyday life (JNS)
But it’s not as bad as Puerto Rico after the hurricane? It’s not. I think the Hamas guy said the he knew “we don’t have it as bad as other places,” and he mentioned Syria, Yemen, all of Africa, Cambodia, Venezuela—it was a long list.

In October, Laura Kelly spent several days in the Gaza Strip. She spoke to local NGOs, the United Nations and Gazans about the issues they face in 2018. This comes after six months of clashes and riots along the border with Israel in which more than 200 have been killed and thousands injured. Kelly spoke with Doctors Without Borders about the injuries they are seeing.

She also saw how daily life in Gaza, including the economy, has been struggling after more than a decade of Hamas rule. This includes locals who once worked abroad or studied for degrees that now seem impossible to use. With Gaza facing growing isolation from the Palestinian Authority and U.S. cuts to UNRWA funding, as well as constant fuel shortages, Kelly describes the internal situation, including stores stocked with goods but often empty of customers. 

What follows are some of Kelly’s exclusive photos and an interview about her trip. 

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