fredag 26 oktober 2018

Palestinsk skolbok: Döda judar och bli hjälte

I en skolbok i arabiska för femte klassen får de palestinska barnen lära sig att om de dödar en jude och blir "martyr" räknas de som samhällets hjältar, om de däremot inte är villig att döda är de fega stackare.

One of the worst chapters in Palestinian schoolbooks (PMW)

If you want to know why Palestinian children believe that killing Israelis is model behavior, all you have to do is look at a chapter in one of their schoolbooks. 

So if it weren't scary enough for the children to be told they have to go out and kill, PA educators teach them that "heroes" are willing to fearlessly die as martyrs. The final sentence of the chapter they are taught what this means for them if they don't want to adopt this heroic behavior: "Bravo to the heroes, and scorn to the cowards!"

... the schoolbook presents the 10 people who PA educators promote as the role models Palestinian children should emulate. The list of Palestinian heroes includes no scientists, no doctors, no engineers, no singers, no athletes, nor any artists. There have been three Muslim Nobel Prize laureates in science and two in literature, but they are not on the list of Palestinian heroes. 

Who are the Palestinian heroes then according to the PA schoolbook? They are 10 Muslim combatants from the first century of Islam through the 21st century. And possibly the worst name on this list of role models is terrorist mass-murderer Dalal Mughrabi. 

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