måndag 5 november 2018

Fatah tackar araberna i Jerusalem för att de inte röstade

Fatah har tackat araberna i Jerusalem för att de inte röstade i kommunalvalet i Jerusalem. Endast 1,5%  av araberna trotsade Fatah och de muslimska ledarna och röstade i valet.

PA threats succeed: Only 1.5% of Jerusalem Arabs vote in elections  (PMW)

Fatah to boycotters of municipal election: You are "the heroes of Jerusalem!"

Fatah spokesman implies Palestinians prepared to use violence to "defend" and "liberate" Jerusalem:
"Jerusalem - with everything in it - was and will remain the capital of the State of Palestine, and we will defend it at all costs. All of us, Muslims and Christians alike, will say the victory prayer in Jerusalem, the liberated capital, Allah willing."

Fatah "blessed" the non-voters as "heroes" and said they had sent "a strong message" that Jerusalem "was and is purely Arab-Palestinian."

"Fatah blesses the heroes of Jerusalem, who emphasized its Arab and Palestinian identity...
The iron commitment of the Canaanite owners of the land, the residents of Jerusalem, to boycott the elections conveys a strong and clear message: Despite all the attempts to forge history... the members of our splendid people in Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine, have proven through their national awareness that they are unified against the plans that target their history, their present, their future, their holy sites, and all the elements of their cultural heritage, and that the national memory is much stronger than their failed attempts to erase it."
[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Oct. 31, 2018]

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