tisdag 21 januari 2020

Intervju med Israels president med anledning av att det gått 75 år sedan Auschwitz befriades

Don’t rehabilitate anti-Semitism, Rivlin warns as European, world leaders fly in  (TOI)
Ahead of a historic gathering of nearly 50 world leaders from across the globe to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, President Reuven Rivlin issued a carefully worded rebuke of countries distorting the memory of the Holocaust, and a warning against rehabilitating anti-Semitism.

In an exclusive interview with The Times of Israel, Rivlin, 80, appeared to chastise Eastern and Central European governments that glorify Nazi collaborators as national heroes and downplay their citizens’ complicity in anti-Jewish atrocities. At the same time, he slammed populist right-wing politicians in Europe who campaign on xenophobic and anti-Semitic platforms, in an apparent reference to parties such as Austria’s Freedom Party and German’s AfD.

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