tisdag 28 april 2020

Minnesdagen för de stupade firades i Israel

De stupades minnesdag har i dag firats i Israel. På grund av coronapandemin firade man på ett annat sätt än vanligt.
Remembering the fallen: Israelis mark a Memorial Day like no other (TOI)

The cemeteries, normally filled with mourning families and friends, were all but empty Tuesday morning as sirens rang out across the country, a few soldiers acting as honor guard standing at attention with masks on their faces as Israel marked a Memorial Day from within the clutches of the coronavirus pandemic.

For the first time since Israel’s founding 72 years ago, military cemeteries were blocked off, and most people were being asked to mourn or pay their respects in private, transforming the country into an extraordinary mosaic showing the infiltration of COVID-19 into a nation’s most sacred spaces.

At 11 a.m. Tuesday, Israelis around the country stood for two minutes of silence for the country’s fallen soldiers and victims of terror, bowing their heads in respect.

Memorial Day — Yom Hazikaron, in Hebrew — began Monday night with an air raid siren at 8 p.m. marking out a minute of silence. The sirens halted whatever cars remained on the roads and brought many Israelis to their balconies and yards to privately mark a day of mourning usually punctuated by public ceremonies and remembrances.

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