måndag 15 april 2013

Minnet av de fallna lever kvar

Varje fallen soldat har familj och vänner som måste leva vidare med saknaden och sorgen  som döden medför.
Major Shirly Moas är en av dem som arbetar med att försöka hjälpa de närmaste efter att någon från hennes enhet stupat.
Läs om hennes arbete här:
The officer and the bereaved
 "Maj. Shirly Moas is responsible for contact with 625 people whose loved ones fell while serving in 460th Armored Brigade."

“They Were Carrying Us”: The Moving Testimony of Bereaved IDF Parents
 "Jacky and Tzipi Baldran built Kibbutz Lotem with their own hands and with the help of their children, Yigal, Nitzan and Aviv. Nitsan served as a fighter in the Golani Brigade. His last mission was in Lebanon in November 1998. Jacky says: “at 3:15 am, we heard a neighbor and soldiers knocking at the door. I went downstairs and I immediately understood what was going on”.
...“We have a great relationship with the soldiers who were with Nitzan. All his friends are in frequent contact with us,” he says. Their link with the IDF remains strong. Nitzan’s fellow soldiers continue to gather at Kibbutz Lotem every year. He wanted to travel and see the world, so every time one of his friends returns from an international trip, he places a stone from that place on Nitzan’s grave. Nitzan is gone, but his memory is very much still alive."

Här kan du se vänner berätta om Yohan Zerbib som dödades under kriget i Libanon 2006.

I kväll övergår  allvaret under de stupades minnesdag till glädje över självständigheten.
Ett annat videoklipp får markera övergången.


PM: Enemies massacre us and slam us for defending ourselves
Netanyahu honors Israel's nearly 2,500 citizens who have died in terror attacks at official Remembrance Day ceremony at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem; vows to "pursue the terrorists and strike them in every place."

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