söndag 7 april 2013

Myten om blod i matza lever kvar i arabiska tidningar

I samband med den judiska påsken har det i arabiska tidningar förekommit artiklar som påstår att judarna blandar blod från icke judar i det osyrade brödet som hör till påskfirandet.
Påståendet är en gammal antisemitisk lögn som tydligen lever kvar.
För den som inte känner till det kan nämnas att en jude överhuvudtaget inte får äta blod.

Några exempel:
Lebanese Writer: Jews Make Passover Matzah With The Blood Of Non-Jews (MEMRI)
On March 26, 2013, the Lebanese daily Al-Sharq published an article by Lebanese writer Sana Kojok that claimed that during Passover, the Jews eat matzah made with the blood of non-Jews. The article also called on the Palestinians to turn the Israelis' holiday from one of joy and pleasure into one of weeping and wailing.
"Additionally, on the holiday eve, the Zionist Jews eat unleavened bread which during its preparation is mixed with blood – but that blood must be from a non-Jew!! This unleavened bread is called 'matzah.'
"Imagine someone eating matzah made with blood!? How do these barbarians think?? Such barbaric behavior – even in eating and drinking?!
... "How can the world expect us to negotiate with people who crave the blood of human beings – not only in their wars, but even in their holidays?? If they want to conduct their ceremonies and their witchcraft, let them do so – but without provoking Palestinian feelings, and without harming the holy tenets of Christianity and Islam.
"Their damned Talmud neither respects nor recognizes any monotheistic religion. The Palestinians should challenge the Zionist aggressors and turn their holiday from one of joy and pleasure at the taste of blood into one of weeping and wailing."

Article In Jordanian Daily: Is Obama, Who Celebrates Passover, Aware Of The Jewish Use Of Christian Blood On This Festival?
 In his regular column in the Jordanian daily Al-Arab Al-Yawm, Palestinian columnist Nawwaf Al-Zarou slammed U.S. President Barack Obama for expressing support for Israel and the Jewish people during his recent visit to Jerusalem – and especially for his custom of holding a Passover Seder at the White House. Al-Zarou claimed that many of the stories about the Jews' use of Christian blood during Passover are based in fact, and wondered whether Obama is aware of them.
It should be noted that the article was also posted on the Arabic section of miftah.org, the website of PLO Executive Committee member Hanan 'Ashrawi, which is funded by the U.N. The article was removed from the site several days later.

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