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Palestinska myndigheterna fortsätter betala lön till terrorister med pengar från västvärlden

En rapport från PMW visar att de palestinska myndigheterna fortsätter att betala lön till terrorister som sitter i israeliskt fängelse trots att de lovat sina bidragsgivare i väst att upphöra med betalningarna. Man ändrade bara namn på instansen som betalar lönerna.

PMW releases special report to European MPs

Dutch, British and German MPs
condemn PA deception, Antisemitism,
and terror glorification
The following is the introduction and executive summary of the report:  

PMW exposes that the PA pays high salaries to terrorists in prison

2012 -2014
Western donors threaten to stop funding the PA because of this policy of rewarding murderers

August 2014
PA issues "presidential decree" that salaries to terrorist prisoners would no longer be paid by PA but by PLO

Western donors are giving the PA more than a billion dollars, with the understanding that the PA has stopped paying salaries to terrorists

May 2015
PMW documentation challenges PA claim:
- The PA Ministry of Finance continues to pay salaries to terrorist prisoners
- PA continues to set conditions for the salaries to terrorist prisoners

Western donors may have been intentionally misled by the PA, which continues to pay salaries to imprisoned terrorists

Executive Summary
The Palestinian Authority receives over a billion dollars in international aid yearly. Several EU countries and the US have been threatening to stop this funding ever since Palestinian Media Watch exposed in 2011 that the PA pays high salaries to terrorist prisoners and released terrorists, amounting to over $150 million dollars in 2015 alone. For example, in June 2014, Dutch Parliament voted overwhelmingly, 148 - 2, in favor of demanding the cessation of PA salaries to terrorists.  
In order to continue receiving donor funding, in August 2014, the PA closed the PA Ministry of Prisoners' Affairs and announced the establishment of a new PLO Commission of Prisoners' Affairs, which they claimed would pay the salaries.

However, the PLO Commission was new only in name. The PLO body would have the same responsibilities and pay the exact same amounts of salaries to prisoners; the former PA Minister of Prisoners' Affairs, Issa Karake, became the Director of the new PLO Commission and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas retained overall supervision of the PLO Commission. (All sources in report) 

In spite of these mere cosmetic changes, the international community accepted PA assurances that it was no longer paying the salaries to terrorist prisoners. For instance, see this statement issued by the Dutch government:
"The responsibility for payments to prisoners was transferred to the PLO and will no longer be charged to the budget of the PA, and these [payments to prisoners] are not funded by PA tax revenues or donor funds. The PLO pays such costs from their own income, where the Cabinet has no access."
[Question and Answer session, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, April 22, 2015]

Palestinian Media Watch has now uncovered ample evidence that contradicts the PA assurances to the Dutch and other donors. PMW's findings are based entirely on information supplied by the PA:
- In October 2014, the PA announced that there were more than 200,000 recipients of PA salaries. This figure "includes the families of the Martyrs (Shahids) and wounded, as well as the prisoners' and released [prisoners]." (All sources below in full report)
- In January 2015, the PA Ministry of Finance announced that the PA budget includes transfer of salaries to prisoners in Israeli jails, who were from Gaza.
- When Israel withheld PA tax income in the first months of 2015, the PA announced that prisoners receiving more than 2,000 shekels would only receive 60% of their salary -- the same reduction that was imposed on civil servants. Were the PLO paying salaries from Arab donor money and not the PA, Israel's holding up PA money would have no impact on terrorist prisoners' salaries. Clearly, it is still PA money paying terrorist prisoners' salaries.

Western donors should ask the following question: Was the new PLO Commission of Prisoners' Affairs created for the sole purpose of deceiving Western donors regarding the payment of salaries to terrorists?


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