måndag 4 maj 2015

Palestinska reaktioner på terrorattacker

MEMRI har gjort ett sammandrag av hur palestinierna har reagerat på den senaste tidens terrorattacker i Jerusalem med omgivningar.
De palestinska myndigheterna fördömer Israel för att de "mördat" de "oskyldiga" angriparna.
Hamas prisar attackerna och i sociala media prisas terroristerna och det uppmanas till flera våldsdåd.

Palestinian Responses To Attacks In Jerusalem Area: Palestinian Authority – Attacks Are An Israeli Fabrication; Hamas – The Attackers Are Martyrs; On Social Media, Calls For Intifada In Jerusalem

"In recent days several terrorist attacks have taken place in the Jerusalem and Hebron area: a stabbing in Hebron in which a border police officer was moderately wounded, an attempted stabbing of a female police officer at the Al-Za'im checkpoint, a firebomb attack on the Jerusalem-Modi'in road, and a vehicular attack in Al-Tur in East Jerusalem in which three police officers were injured. In addition, there were riots and clashes between residents and security forces in East Jerusalem. [1]    
The Palestinian Authority (PA) reacted to the stabbing incidents, in which both stabbers were killed, by condemning Israel. It claimed that the stabbings had been fabricated by Israel to justify the "racially motivated assassination" of the two Palestinians, and Fatah described the killing of Abu Ghannam as an act of "organized terror". Hamas, for its part, praised the attacks.
Voices on Palestinian social media likewise welcomed the attacks, praised their perpetrators and called to escalate the armed struggle against Israel and to launch a comprehensive intifada. Most of these calls did not come from figures or bodies associated with official Palestinian organizations. Rather, they appear to be calls by private individuals urging an uprising and expressing support for the attacks, which had likewise been perpetrated by single individuals acting on their own, without direction from any organization."

"Beit Oula News Agency" Facebook page: "A Palestinian passed this way – such is the fate of the oppressors" (Facebook.com, April 26, 2015)

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