torsdag 25 juni 2015

Druser attackerade ambulans

Ett tiotal druser har arresterats efter att två ambulanser som transporterade skadade syrier till sjukhus i Israel attackerats. I den andra attacken dödades en person och en skadades allvarligt.
Druserna misstänkte att ambulanserna transporterade personer som hörde till grupperingar i kriget i Syrien som angripit druserna.
Det verkar ha förekommit omfattande falsk ryktesspridning om vilka Israel hjälper och behandlar på sjukhusen i Israel.
På grund av attacken har möten hållits mellan regeringen och drusiska ledare och alla har fördömt attackerna.

" Nine people from Druze villages in northern Israel were arrested by police overnight Tuesday and into Wednesday on suspicion they were involved in attacks on ambulances transporting wounded Syrians for medical care in the Golan Heights Monday. 
 One Syrian was killed and another severely wounded in the second attack, after the military ambulance was set upon by a mob of about 150 local residents, angry over rumors that Israel was aiding jihadist rebels..."

" The brutes who lynched a wounded Syrian in cold blood near the northern Israeli village of Majdal Shams on Monday night almost certainly shot their Druze brothers across the border in the foot.
 Not only did the perpetrators of the act severely tarnish the image of the Druze community and weaken Jewish Israelis’ feeling of concern for members of the persecuted minority in Syria, the lynchers also likely offered Sunni extremists in the war-torn region an excuse to avenge the killing of a man who was, at least according to the Druze and the Syrian regime, a fellow Sunni fighter..."

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