fredag 19 juni 2015

Skall Israel hjälpa druserna i Syrien?

Skall Israel hjälpa druserna som råkat illa ute i striderna i Syrien och i så fall på vilket sätt? Detta är en ganska komplicerad fråga.
Några artiklar som behandlar ämnet:
Blood covenant  (Jerusalem Post)
 The Druse are in danger and Israel has an obligation to help them. On June 10, Jabhat al-Nusra or the Nusra Front, a terrorist organization affiliated with al-Qaida, killed at least 20 Druse in Qalb Loze, a village in Syria’s northwestern Idlib province.

Israeli Druse mobilize for their Syrian brothers, fearing the worst
 Tamir Hijawi, 41, the former paratroop officer on stage in Peki’in, in the Upper Galilee, said the protests held on a daily basis by Israeli Druse this week have been held to show their people in Syria they are not alone, and footage of the demonstrations is being posted on Facebook, YouTube and elsewhere.

Like others, he called on Israel to give the Syrian Druse weapons and to open the border to allow Israeli Druse to join the fight against jihadist rebels.

Hijawi said whatever happens, the Syrian Druse will never abandon their villages. “This is an existential war for them, they will die on their feet before they run,” he said.

Minutes before he spoke, hundreds of Druse men marched through the town waving the multi-colored flag of the sect, escorted by young men in flag-draped cars and ATVs, chanting “With blood and spirit we will liberate Sweida,” a reference to a majority Druse city in southwestern Syria. They spoke of their desire to fight in Syria no matter the odds, saying that a massacre of Druse is already under way.

Syria is home to some 700,000 members of the sect, mainly in Jebl Druse (the Druse Mountain) area in the southwest. Israeli Druse are watching Sweida as well as the village of Hader, on whose outskirts Nusra fighters are now mobilized.

Arm the Syrian Druse - we owe it to their Israeli kin

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