tisdag 29 december 2015

Läkare utan gränser visar dåligt omdöme

Franska judar kritiserar organisationen "Läkare utan gränser" med anledning av en fotoutställning de ordnar i Paris. Utställningen framställer terrorister som martyrer och behandlar konflikten mellan Israel och palestinierna, tydligen ur en väldigt pro-palestinsk synvinkel.
" On Twitter, Cukierman wrote: “We are crying still for 130 dead but for Doctors without Borders, terrorist are martyrs. Shocking.”

 The exhibition features pictures and informational text on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A text attached to the exhibit says the dispute began with Zionism’s “goal of creating a Jewish state in Palestine.” The word is a reference to the British Mandate of Palestine, but in France today is mostly used to designate the West Bank and Gaza.

 The exhibition further focuses on Doctors Without Borders’ work in Gaza following Israeli strikes. It mentions neither Hamas’s targeting of Israeli civilians nor its use of Gaza medical facilities to fire rockets on southern Israel."

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