torsdag 17 december 2015

Palestinsk TV: Israel är ockuperat palestinskt land

De palestinska myndigheternas TV visar ofta program där hela Israel beskrivs som ockuperat palestinskt land som förr eller senare skall återerövras.
Här ett exempel från TV:s barnprogram:

Official PA TV to kids: Israel will cease to exist  (PMW)

Official PA TV host: "My friend, do you know what the '48 lands are?"
Boy: "Yes, the occupation of lands by the Israelis in the year 1948."
Official PA TV host: "These are the lands that are under the occupation's [Israel's] rule at the moment. Do you know cities from among them, can you remind me - the '48 lands?"
Boy: "In the diaspora?"
Official PA TV host: "No, the '48 lands: Haifa -"
Boy: "Haifa, Jaffa, Acre."
Official PA TV host: "Correct, and Nazareth and many more cities in these lands. We will mention them in the coming episodes, Allah willing. I apologize Yazan, I do not mean to embarrass you, I mean that this information should be inside of us all the time. The occupation must know that we fully believe and are confident that all of this land belongs to us, the '48 [lands] (i.e., all of Israel) are all ours and will return to us, right?"
Boy: "Yes, of course."
[Official PA TV, Nov. 13, 2015]

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