onsdag 18 maj 2016

Fatah hälsar "hjälten" från terrorattack 1972

Fatah hedrar på sin facebooksida den överlevande japanska terroristen från terrorattacken mot Lod flygplatsen i Israel 1972. I attacken dödades 24 och skadades 70 personer varav många turister.

"44 år sedan flygplatsoperationen (26 dödades och 80 skadades) [högre siffror i den ursprungliga -Ed.] Tusen hälsningar till den japanska kämpen och vänen Kozo Okamoto, hjälten i Lod flygplatsoperationen , den 30 maj 1972."
[Officiell Fatah Facebook-sida den 17 maj, 2016]

Lod Airport attack - on May 30, 1972, Takeshi Okudaira, Yasuyuki Yasuda and Kozo Okamoto - members of the Japanese Red Army who had been recruited by the Palestinian terror organization Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) - carried out a terror attack at Israel's Lod (Tel Aviv) airport. Throwing hand grenades and shooting, the terrorists killed 24 (8 Israelis and 16 foreign tourists), and wounded over 70. Okudaira and Yasuda were killed during the attack, while Okamoto was arrested and sentenced to 3 life sentences, but was released in the Jibril Agreement in May 1985, after only 13 years of imprisonment, when Israel agreed to release 1,150 Palestinian prisoners, including terrorist murderers, in exchange for three Israeli soldiers who had been taken hostage by the terrorist organization the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

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