torsdag 5 maj 2016

Israel hittade ännu en attacktunnel från Gaza

Israeliska armén uppger att man hittat ännu en attacktunnel som går under gränsen mellan Gaza och Israel.
Man antar också att de senaste dagarna beskjutning från Gaza berodde på att Hamas försökte förhindra Israel att hitta tunneln.
IDF uncovers new Hamas attack tunnel

Second Gazan tunnel leading into Israel found, army says (The Times of Israel)
"The Israeli military announced Thursday it had found a second tunnel in as many months emerging from southern Gaza into Israeli territory, as violence on the southern border spiked with a series of cross-border exchanges.
The tunnel, which is slated to be destroyed in the coming days, is 28 meters deep and was located just a few kilometers from where another tunnel was located and destroyed last month, the army said.

The exact location of both tunnels has been kept under wraps by the IDF censor.

Israeli troops who were fired upon in several separate incidents since Tuesday were working to uncover the tunnel and other cross-border passageways, the army confirmed in a statement..."

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