fredag 26 augusti 2016

EU och FN betalar för palestinsk kampanj mot Israel

Ännu ett exempel på hur skattepengar från bland annat Europa går till palestinsk anti-israelisk verksamhet. Pengarna är tänkt att användas för att inkludera kvinnor i fredsarbetet men palestinierna använder dem för att driva internationella kampanjer mot Israel.

UN, EU help Palestinians build ICC suit against Israel (Jerusalem Post)
"...A small booklet with PA, UN and EU logos has already been printed to explain how the money would be allocated.

The plan’s budget includes $100,000 to document crimes against women “by the Israeli occupation,” to be “submitted to the ICC.” Another $150,000 would be spent on “preparing files of complaint” and $129,000 for “developing a monitoring mechanism.”

The plan also called for $202,500 to be set aside to build international coalitions against the “Israeli occupation” for “its non-compliance with international law.”

This includes campaigns that target the ICC, the UN Committee on the Status of Women and other international women’s rights organizations.

Some $54,000 would be spent on preparations for “UN resolutions to condemn the Israeli occupation and prosecute it for its violations at the expense of Palestinian women.”

Another $81,600, was earmarked for “presenting written and oral reports” to the United Nations Human Rights Council, particularly with regard to Agenda Item 7.

In addition, $118,800 would be spent on urging states to maintain commitments they have made to the Palestinians in international forums...."

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