tisdag 23 augusti 2016

Israels svar på raketattacken från Gaza tyder på en ny politik

Israels svar på raketattacken från Gaza i söndags visar att Israel  har förändrat sin strategi. Hittills har Israel svarat på raketattacker med mycket begränsade insatser men efter söndagens attack utförde Israel närmare 50 olika attacker med flyg och artilleri.
En talesman för militären sade att man förändrat sin politik för att försvara Israels suveränitet. Raketattacken från Gaza gav Israel en möjlighet att slå ut en del strategiska Hamas mål och visar att Israel inte kommer att låta Hamas rusta upp och bygga upp sin vapenarsenal hur mycket som helst.

Latest Gaza-Israel flare-up a war-game shift (Jerusalem Post)
"In accepting the cease-fire in 2014, Hamas tried to dictate to Israel the game rules, which can be defined as follows: the two sides will continue to arm themselves in preparation for the next round, but until then will hold their fire and will not violate each other’s sovereignty.

Israel could not accept this logic.

However, Israel recently decided to change that policy, which is also based on taking advantage of occurring opportunities. Every time a rocket is fired against Israel from Gaza, as happened this week, IDF will use it to increase its fire power against all Hamas targets, assets and infrastructure, and will not only resort to its predicted, limited measured response. In other words, from now on not a single Hamas target or capability will have immunity.

The senior military source emphasized that the new policy was designed by Chief of Staff Lt.-General Gadi Eisnekot and approved by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former defense minister Moshe Ya’alon."

Israel targeted ‘key Hamas strategic assets’ in Sunday’s barrage

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