torsdag 18 augusti 2016

Fred - nerifrån upp eller uppifrån ner?

Ledare i Jerusalem Post: Two kinds of peace

"The bottom-up approach to solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict posits that peace begins with people.

Only when both Israelis and Palestinians accept the notion that their societies are inexorably tied to one another will it be possible to realize peace...

...A new mall launched this week in Gush Etzion, which caters to both Israelis and Palestinians living in the area, exemplifies the potential power of the bottom- up approach to bringing about positive change. The three-story, 5,000-meter structure has 15 shops, including a FOX clothing outlet and home goods retailer.

During a small ribbon-cutting ceremony on the top floor that was attended mostly by politicians from the Right, Muslim women wearing hijabs and traditional dress could be seen shopping alongside religious Jewish women in skirts, and scarves tied over their hair. Here was coexistence in action..."

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