onsdag 17 augusti 2016

När man inte vill se sanningen

Olympic Bigotry: It’s All Israel’s Fault (Honest Reporting)
"An article in the Economist titled Politics hogs the Olympic spotlight in the Middle East looks at Arab hostility towards Israel in the Olympics, but then becomes guilty of its own charge.

You might think an article in the sports section would reinforce the message of the Olympics and how treatment of the Israeli athletes is unsportsmanlike. But an anti-Israel agenda hogs the article, suggesting that Israel is to blame for bringing on the racism it endures...

...Referring to the Egyptian judoka who refused to shake the hand of the Israeli Bronze winner Or Sasson, The Economist callously exploits the Munich Olympics massacre, saying “Mr El Shahaby’s snub seems mere tokenism compared to the bullets that killed 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972,” but “nonetheless” Israel criticized his bad sportsmanship.

Does that mean Israel should just accept the Rio snub simply because it wasn’t murder?

Would The Economist say such a thing about anyone else being targeted for their race, religion or nationality?"

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