tisdag 30 augusti 2016

Palestinska scoutrörelsen framställer terrorist som förebild för ledare (uppdaterad)

För sex månader sedan blev den palestinska scoutrörelsen accepterad som fullvärdig medlem av  scouternas världsorganisation (World Organization of the Scout Movement).
Nu ställs berättigade krav på att den palestinska organisationen skall uteslutas eftersom organisationen i sin skolning av ledare framställer före detta scoutledaren Baha Alyan som förebild för de nya ledarna. Baha Alyan mördade senaste oktober tillsammans med en annan man tre personer på en buss i Jerusalem.

PMW asks “World Scout Movement” to cancel PA Scouts’ membership

The Palestinian Scouts hero who murdered my father

Palestinian Scout Association website shows picture of terrorist murderer Alyan in Palestinian Scouts uniform,
in its article about the "Leader Baha Alyan Course"
[Website of the Palestinian Scout Association, Aug. 25, 2016] (PMW)

World scouts deny ties to branch that praised Palestinian terrorist
The world’s main scouting organization on Sunday said it has no connection to a Palestinian branch in East Jerusalem that dedicated a recent training course to one of the killers of an Israeli-American man...

...Palestinian Media Watch, an Israeli group that monitors what it says is incitement in Palestinian media and society, rejected the scout movement’s conclusions.

In a letter to the movement, it said it had found overwhelming evidence that the two Palestinian scouting groups work closely with one another, including dozens of pictures identifying the same people as leaders of both organizations. The photos indicate “that the organizations are one and the same,” it wrote.

Avni said he was “appalled” by the global scouting movement’s response.

“There is no question that the Palestinian scouting association has been systematically inciting to violence and murder,” he said. “I can’t believe any true scout would want its hand in incitement in terror.”

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