fredag 18 februari 2011

Ondska i Sinai

Senaste år smugglades över 10.000 afrikaner in till Israel via Sinai.Beduinorganisationerna som sköter smuggeltrafiken är totalt hänsynslösa. Afrikanerna våldtas (mera regel än undantag) tvingas till slavarbete och utsätts för utpressning.
Ännu ett exempel på människans erhörda ondska och förmåga att slå den redan slagne.

'African migrants brutalized en route to Israel' (Jerusalem Post - Ben Hartman)
The report, titled “The Dead of the Wilderness,” is full of tales of rape, torture, murder, extortion and near-starvation compiled during interviews with 60 African migrants. The 24 women and 36 men, mainly from Eritrea, reported suffering severe brutality on their way to Israel.Most of the interviews were conducted by the Hotline at the Saharonim Prison, where the migrants were held after arriving in the country.In 2010, 11,763 people were smuggled into Israel across the Egyptian border, according to a report by the Knesset Research and Information Center. Most, if not all, of these people paid exorbitant sums in the thousands of dollars to Beduin smugglers, and many reportedly found themselves held hostage later by the smugglers until their families could pay a ransom. Many of those held for ransom were reportedly subjected to repeated torture and rape – used against both women and men – to force their families to send more money to end their ordeal.

The report notes that the level of cruelty dealt to the captives is linked in some part to religion. It asserts that Muslim Turks and Ghanaians who came to Israel by way of the same smuggling routes were not tortured or held for ransom, and were only required to pay $1,000-$1,400 each, as opposed to the $2,500- $3,000 smuggling fees reportedly demanded of Christian and Animist migrants from Africa.

Majority of asylum-seekers in Israel are seriously abused in Sinai, report reveals

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