torsdag 10 november 2011

Israels FN-ambassadörs tal om skydd av civila i väpnade konflikter

Amb Prosor addresses UN Security Council on protection of civilians in armed conflict

We sit here this morning in New York to discuss the vital importance of protecting civilians in armed conflict, as rockets continue to rain down on more than one million men, women and children in southern Israel...

...Underlying the violence that continues to emanate from Gaza is a deeply rooted culture of incitement. Just two weeks ago, Wafa al-Biss was released from prison as part of Israel's exchange for the release of our kidnapped solider, Gilad Shalit. She had been serving a sentence for trying to blow herself up in an Israeli hospital. Moments after arriving in Gaza, she told a crowd of cheering schoolchildren at a Hamas rally, "I hope you will walk the same path that we took and God willing, we will see some of you as martyrs."

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