måndag 8 september 2014

It’s time to learn the facts about Judea and Samaria

Om Judéens och Samariens lagliga status - Vem äger vad?

It’s time to learn the facts about Judea and Samaria (Jerusalem Post)
 "The recent furor surrounding the government’s decision to declare nearly 1,000 acres at Gvaot in Gush Etzion “State Land” is a classic example of the ignorance of history and law that governs most discussions of Israeli actions beyond the internationally hallowed “Green Line.” Media headlines around the world screamed about “annexation” and “land grab,” the Palestinian Authority declared it a “crime” and foreign ministries around the world have demanded the reversal of the decision. However, few articles, press releases or communiques mention the crux of the matter; the legal and historical status of the land in question.

For many, if not most, around the world, every inch of land beyond the 1949 armistice lines is automatically Palestinian; a display of unfamiliarity with history and international law.

To truly understand the status of this territory we have to first differentiate between the personal and the national..."

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