onsdag 22 oktober 2014

Hela Palestina är vårt och vi är beredda att använda vapen

Uttalanden från ledare inom de palestinska myndigheterna   (PMW)

Jibril Rajoub: 
"The weapon of the Resistance is sacred to us.
We will not harm it, go after it, or keep track of it...
At the moment of truth, we will all enlist together,
we will all fight together"
 [Official PA TV, Sept. 30, 2014]

Jibril Rajoub:
"The weapons of the Resistance must remain in storage... When there is an attack,
the battle will be in all the Palestinian territories,
in which all members of the Palestinian people
will participate"
 [Al-Quds, Oct. 3, 2014]

Abu Al-Einein (Abbas' advisor):
"It's wrong to think that Fatah has abandoned the rifle...
We are giving peace a chance,  
but our rifle is still loaded with bullets"
[Official PA TV, Sept. 23, 2014]  

Palestinska myndigheternas barnprogram i TV:
"Hela Palestina tillhör oss"

Boy, guest on show: “I have never entered Israel or Gaza.”‎
TV host: “What Israel? It's our land.”‎
Boy: “Israel is our land – the 1948 lands.”‎
Host: “It's our land, occupied Palestine.”‎
Boy: “The 1948 lands.”‎
Host: “Our land, occupied Palestine. It's Haifa, Jaffa, Acre (i.e., Israeli cities). These are ‎our occupied lands, the 1948 lands that Israel occupied in 1948. Israel occupied them ‎in 1948. These are Palestinian lands and will remain Palestinian.‎
Allah willing, they will return to us some day and will not be under the rule of the ‎occupation.”‎

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