tisdag 7 oktober 2014

Hizzbollah attack från Libanon

Oroligheter har blossat upp vid gränsen mellan Israel och Libanon.
 I söndags försökte en grupp från Libanon ta sig in i Israel. Gruppen upptäcktes av israeliska soldater som öppnade eld mot dem varefter de flydde tillbaka in på libanesiskt territorium.
Idag exploderade en bomb vid gränsen som skadade två israeliska soldater. Hizbollah tog på sig ansvaret för attacken och Israel har svarat med artilleribeskjutning.
Two IDF Soldiers Wounded from an Explosion Near the Lebanon Border

IDF shells Hezbollah targets in Lebanon after border blast injures 2 Israeli soldiers  

Hezbollah claims responsibility for Lebanon border blast that injured 2 IDF soldiers 

Netanyahu on Hezbollah attack: We've proved that we will retaliate for any strike against us (Jerusalem Post)
 "Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon also commented on the attack in the North, saying that "Hezbollah is responsible for planting the explosive devices and setting them off today, and that's why its targets were struck. There is a phenonemon here of a state within a state, and we see the Lebanese government as also being responsible for this incident."

 Report: Concerns mount that Hezbollah, Lebanese army could cooperate against Israel 

In message to Israel after border attack Hezbollah says: We are ready to confront you 
"This is a message.. Even though we are busy in Syria and on the eastern front in Lebanon our eyes remain open and our resistance is ready to confront the Israeli enemy," Sheik Naim Qassem told Lebanese OTV television late on Tuesday."

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