torsdag 18 december 2014

Två muslimska ledares syn på judar

Tareq Al-Suwaidan, ledare för muslimska brödraskapet i Kuwait: är redo för denhär striden tills staten Israel, detta geografiska och historiska misstag, är utraderat...
...alla krig under historien - från vår profet Muhammeds tid fram till våra dagar har startats av Sions söner. Alla av dem...
...Vår strid med dem kommer att fortsätta tills en av de två civilisationerna härskar...till det krävs Jihad...

Bassam Al-Amoush, före detta jordansk minister och ambassadör i Iran:
De (judarna) mördar alla folk.Om du studerar historien bakom alla stora krig ser du att judarna stod bakom dem...
... hur kan de utöva en sådan kontroll? De försätter världen i ett tillstånd av omoral genom att använda narkotika,alkohol,kvinnor... så att människorna förlorar sina värderingar och de kan fortsätta att styra världen...
Judarna är ett fördärvat folk. Till och med rasisten Hitler skrev i Mein Kampf när han dödade judarna:Orsaken är att de fördärvar den tyska ungdomen, och jag behöver få se den tysk ungdomen förvandlas till män så att jag kan ta över världen...

In a Friday sermon, delivered in Jordan on November 7, 2014, Jordanian cleric Sheik Bassam Al-Amoush, a former Jordanian minister and ambassador to Iran, called the Jews a "corrupting people," quoting Hitler as saying that they corrupted the German youth. Al-Amoush further said that the Jews were the "slayers of prophets," who were striving to establish a "secret global government through Freemasonry."

Bassam Al-Amoush: "The (Jews) are the slayers of prophets. If they kill a Palestinian woman, child, or old man in the Al-Aqsa Mosque or elsewhere, it should come as no surprise, for they are the slayers of the prophets. The sons of Israel are notorious adulterers. They are notorious for their prostitution – even as a profession. They spread this prostitution throughout the land. One of them went to a corrupt Israelite woman with fornication on his mind. She said: 'This is going to cost you.' He asked: 'How much?' 'I want the head of the prophet Yahya (John the Baptist),' she said. So he went and murdered Yahya to fulfill his lust. They are the ones who tried to kill Jesus. 'And they did not kill him, nor crucify him but it appeared so unto them.' They tried to kill him. They are the ones who tried to kill the Prophet Muhammad, even though he extended his hand to them, offering to let them go on living as citizens in Medina. Islam is the only religion that teaches coexistence between people of different religions. We do not force anyone to convert to Islam, but people must honor the Islamic system of government. So the Prophet signed the Charter of Medina with them, but they betrayed him, because the Jews are a treacherous people. They do not respect treaties or agreements. They say one thing, and then they violate it.


"They are the slayers of peoples. If you study the history of the great wars, you see that the Jews were behind them. If you study anarchy between nations, the Jews were behind them. They suffer from a psychological complex, stemming from their being a minority – maybe 30 million worldwide. What is 30 million out of a population of over seven billion? So how do they exercise their control? They say that they use two methods: 'First, each and every one of us must be innovative, and second, we must put this huge body of humans into a state of stupor and immorality, using narcotics, alcohol, women, and depravity, so that they lose their values and that we may continue to rule the world.' Therefore, they strive to establish a secret global government through Freemasonry. The Jews are a corrupting people. Even Hitler the racist wrote in Mein Kampf, when he killed Jews: 'The reason is that they corrupt the German youth, and I need the German youth to turn into real men so that I can take over the world.'"

Speaking on October 31 at a fundraising forum for Palestine in Doha, Kuwaiti cleric Tareq Al-Suwaidan said that the struggle between Islam and "the filthy and savage civilization of barbarism of the sons of Zion" is a struggle until one of the two civilizations reigns supreme. "Our struggle with them requires Jihad," he said.

Following are excerpts:

Tareq Al-Swaidan: I do not believe in the "clash of civilizations," but I do believe in the integration of cultures, with one exception: our struggle with the sons of Zion. It was their choice for our struggle with them to be a clash of civilizations, a clash for survival, a clash that pertains to our very existence. Allah willing, we are ready for this clash, until the State of Israel, that geographic and historical anomaly, is erased. This state is an anomaly in geography and in history.


All the wars throughout history – from the time of our Prophet Muhammad and to this day – were started by the sons of Zion. All of them!


Our struggle with the sons of Zion requires more than crying and making donations. Our struggle with them will continue until one of the two civilizations reigns supreme. It will either be civilization of Islam, with its peace, compassion, humanity, and its respect for all religions – a faith devoid of insolence or barbarism – or else it will be the filthy and savage civilization of barbarism, which the whole world has witnessed. But in their insolence, they do not care what anybody says. Our struggle with them requires Jihad and not plain efforts.


We are not raising money for the sake of the Palestinians. This must be clear. We are not raising money for the people of Gaza. The people of Gaza are the spearhead in this war, but the spearhead is worthless without the spear.


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