torsdag 16 mars 2017

Rapport om Fatahs stöd för terror

För några månader sedan valde Fatah nya ledare till sina ledande organ. Palestinian Media Watch har skrivit en rapport om vad ledarna står för när det gäller inställningen  till terror mot Israel.
Enligt rapporten var det ingen av de valda ledarna som fördömde terrorattackerna mot Israel under terrorvågen 2015-2016. Många av dem visade stöd för terrorattackerna.

PMW Special Report
Fatah Votes for Terror
Special Report on Members Elected
to the Fatah Central Committee in December 2016


The Seventh Fatah Conference ended in December 2016 with elections for the 18-member
governing body, the Fatah Central Committee. Twelve members were reelected and six new
members joined the committee. In addition, Mahmoud Abbas was reelected separately as
chairman, and he also has the right to appoint four additional members. This report examines
Fatah’s attitudes to terror during the wave of Palestinian terror 2015-2016, and focuses on the
attitudes of those elected members of the Central Committee who have spoken publicly, including
Mahmoud Abbas, as well as Fatah leaders who were Central Committee members during the terror
wave, but were not reelected at the Seventh Fatah Conference.
This report documents how the Fatah Movement responded to individual Palestinians murdering
Israeli civilians in stabbings, shootings, and car ramming attacks, during the terror wave from
September 2015 to mid-2016. 40 people were murdered in these attacks (36 Israelis, 1 Palestinian,
2 Americans, and 1 Eritrean) and hundreds wounded.
The report also includes Fatah’s responses to the terror on the Fatah-run TV station Awdah and its
official social media.
When examining the chances for peace and whether the Palestinian Authority, with the Fatah
Movement as its leading party, can be seen as a peace partner at all, there is paramount
importance to the attitudes to terror by these Fatah leaders. These are the people who will be
determining the policy of Mahmoud Abbas’ party and through it the policy of the Palestinian
Authority in the coming years. Will they lead the Palestinian people toward peace or continued
animosity and terror?

During the Palestinian terror wave (2015-2016), the Fatah Movement and prominent Fatah Central
Committee members actively supported the terror carried out by individual Palestinians and
publicly encouraged more attacks.
 Reelected Fatah Central Committee members actively supported, encouraged, and
glorified the terrorists and their attacks during the 2015-2016 wave of terror.
 None of the reelected or new members condemned even one murder during the terror
wave. Mahmoud Abbas even refused US Vice President Joe Biden’s request that he
condemn the murder of American tourist Taylor Force.
 Some supported the terror by participating in or sponsoring activities honoring
murderers of civilians. Others justified the murders of Israelis as acceptable defense
of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which they claimed was “in danger”. Still others claimed that
those Palestinian terrorists who were killed while attacking Israelis were innocents
murdered in cold blood and for no reason by the Israeli police who “fabricated” the
None of the Fatah leaders at any time condemned even one terror attack or murder, even when the
victims were children, because they insisted and continue to insist that the term “terror” can never 
be applied to any Palestinian attack or murder of Israelis. Even Mahmoud Abbas himself
repeatedly justified these murders, saying after 14 Israelis had already been killed and dozens
“We want peaceful popular uprising, and that’s what this is. That’s what this is.”
[Official PA TV, Nov. 16, 2015]

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