söndag 5 mars 2017

Uttalanden från PLO representanter

Saudiarabien finansierade den andra intifadan säger före detta palestinske utrikesministern Nabil Shaath. Ljuger han? Palestinska ledare är inte kända för att hålla sig till sanningen så det är svårt att säga vad sanningshalten är i uttalandet.

Former Palestinian FM and Chief Negotiator Nabil Shaath: Saudi King Abdullah Financed the Second Intifada (MEMRI)
Former Palestinian Foreign Minister and chief negotiator Nabil Shaath said that in 2000, Saudi King Abdullah, then the Crown Prince, had given the Palestinians half a billion dollars and had collected another half a billion from the Arab League in order to keep the Intifada going. "That was the money that enabled us to survive in the three years of the Intifada," said Shaath in the ON TV interview, which aired on February 7.
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PLO Ambassador To Iran: We Will Liberate Palestine 'From The River To The Sea' – With Everything From Stabbing And Vehicular Attacks To Launching Rockets (MEMRI)

He added: 'Certainly, everyone should fight in their own way, from carrying out stabbing and vehicular attacks to launching rockets. That is how we will liberate Palestine from the river to the sea... Some [types of?] jihad aredictated by geography, and everyone should contribute from where they are, using the means at their disposal and in accordance with their various situations. All means of combat are legitimate in order to realize Allah's promise for liberation: From [the traditional dance] Dabke to armed struggle.'
"Providing a political analysis of what is happening with the Palestinian cause today, Al-Zawawi said: 'We are not facing an ordinary enemy, or a small-scale plan. Rather, we are fighting the most dangerous international plan, especially after the U.S. adopted the [idea the Palestinians must recognize Israel as] a Jewish state. The U.S. transitioned from one phase to the next, fully aware of what its next step will be, and we were deceived.' He added: 'The ethnic and sectarian conflicts taking place today – their purpose is to take over and dismantle the region's resources and spark wars among the Arabs in order to distance them from Palestine – [all this] promotes the establishment of Greater Israel.'
"The Palestinian ambassador no longer believes in the Oslo Accords. Moreover, he says: 'When the PLO signed the agreement, a Palestinian state was supposed to be established in the West Bank and Gaza in 1999, but it did not happen.' Eighteen years have passed since then, and therefore Al-Zawawi determines that Israel and the U.S. will not allow the establishment of a Palestinian state. He said decisively: 'Oslo is bankrupt. U.S. President Donald Trump is the Zionist face of this enterprise. Additionally, the futility of dialogue with the enemy is now becoming clear.'
"For the Palestinian ambassador, the internal [i.e. intra-Palestinian] division adds fuel to the fire: 'Can you believe how divided we are and how we are unable to unite[?] I do not accept any excuses whatsoever [for this] from the factions.' He added: 'At this time, we have no choice but to unite because the enemy is taking advantage of our division to Judaize Palestine, which is slipping away before our very eyes.'

PLO names youth camp after terrorist 

who led murder of 37 (PMW)
The PLO Supreme Council for Youth and Sports has announced it is naming a youth camp after terrorist murderer Dalal Mughrabi. Mughrabi led the 1978 Coastal Road massacre, in which terrorists hijacked a bus and killed 37 civilians, including 12 children.

District Governor of Ramallah Laila Ghannam, a Palestinian Authority official, praised the initiative for "remembering the pure-hearted Martyrs":

Organizers of the camp pose beside photo of terrorist Dalal Mughrabi

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