onsdag 23 maj 2018

Ännu mera dårskap

Egyptian Professor Amr Allam: Israeli Violence Is in the Jewish Genes; TV Host: Jews Have Exploited the Holocaust (MEMRI)

In a May 5 interview on Egypt's Channel 2 TV, Egyptian Professor Amr Allam, head of the Department of Hebrew Language at Menoufia University, said that "the Israeli violence or aggressive spirit is embedded in the Jewish genes" and he theorized about the reasons for the "abnormal" Israeli character. TV host Hazem Abu Saud said that the Holocaust "was not directed specifically against the Jews, but against all the people suffering from diseases, and so on," and that the Jews "have exploited" and "continue to benefit" from what happened to them in the Holocaust. “The Blue Line” is a weekly show on channel 2, dedicated to Jews and Israel. ...

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