torsdag 17 maj 2018

Artiklar om oroligheterna vid Gazagränsen

Alan Dershowitz frågar varför media genom sin rapportering uppmuntrar Hamas.

Alan Dershowitz: Why Does the Media Keep Encouraging Hamas Violence?
One thing is crystal clear: Hamas will continue to use the ”dead baby strategy” as long as the media continues to report the deaths in the manner in which it has reported them in recent weeks. Many in the media are complicit in these deaths because their one-sided reporting encourages Hamas to send innocent women and children to the front line. Perhaps Israel could do a better job of defending its civilians but it is certain that the media can do a better job of accurately reporting the Hamas strategy that results in so many innocent deaths.

Gaza Border Coverage: Shame on the Media (Honest Reporting skriver om hur media misslyckats i sin bevakning)
We’re seeing a veritable tsunami of media commentary, most of it highly critical of Israel in the aftermath of this week’s Gaza border violence.

New information is now coming to light that calls into question the overwhelming and knee-jerk reaction of the media and elsewhere to place almost the entire blame on Israel for the violence and deaths that occurred.

I was at the Gaza border, we did all we could to avoid killing (Berättelse av en som var med vid gränsen, Kinley Tur-Paz)
I want to testify that what I saw and heard was a tremendous, supreme effort from our side to prevent, in every possible way, Palestinian deaths and injuries.

Nu medger till och med Hamas att man inte vet vad som förorsakade ett spädbarns död i Gaza. Men fotot av barnet har spridits i media över hela världen och Israel utpekas som skyldig. Helt klart underkänt för journalisternas arbete.
Gaza’s health ministry now says it doesn’t know cause of baby’s death at border

Hamas co-founder admits ‘we are deceiving the public’ about peaceful protests
Mahmoud al-Zahar says Gaza border demonstrations are 'peaceful resistance bolstered by a military force and by security agencies'

Omvärlden måste göra klart för palestinierna att flyktingarnas ättlingar aldrig kommer att få "återvända" till Israel. Hänsynslösa palestinska ledare utnyttjar denna tanke för att uppvigla folkmassorna t.ex. som nu sker vid Gazagränsen.
World must tell Gaza’s Hamas-abused masses the truth: There will be no ‘return’ (David Horovitz)

Gaza’s Miseries Have Palestinian Authors (Bret Stephens skriver om omvärldens blindhet )
The mystery of Middle East politics is why Palestinians have so long been exempted from these ordinary moral judgments. How do so many so-called progressives now find themselves in objective sympathy with the murderers, misogynists and homophobes of Hamas? Why don’t they note that, by Hamas’s own admission, some 50 of the 62 protesters killed on Monday were members of Hamas? Why do they begrudge Israel the right to defend itself behind the very borders they’ve been clamoring for years for Israelis to get behind?

Why is nothing expected of Palestinians, and everything forgiven, while everything is expected of Israelis, and nothing forgiven?

That’s a question to which one can easily guess the answer. In the meantime, it’s worth considering the harm Western indulgence has done to Palestinian aspirations.

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