fredag 3 december 2010

Branden sprider sig

Markbranden i Israel sprider sig fortfarande och brandmyndigheterna har inte fått kontroll över branden trots att hjälp nu strömmar in från flera olika stater.
Branden har nu härjat över 2000 ha, 13.000 personer har evakuerats och 41 dödats.
PM thanks 'friends' for int'l aid to battle Carmel fire
New fronts open in Carmel fire; Denya homes threatened
Haifa police assistant commander fighting for life

Photo Gallery: Uncontrolled blazes in the North

Analysis: Heroism, resilience… and gnawing questions

Israeliska utrikesministeriet:
The Carmel Tragedy
Forty-two lives have been lost and many injured in a fire raging on the Carmel mountain range in northern Israel. A national disaster has been declared. The Israel Foreign Ministry is in contact with almost all European countries, and with Middle Eastern states regarding assistance in extinguishing the blaze. A number of nations have sent fire-fighting aircraft as well as equipment and supplies to help control the flames.PM Netanyahu: "This blaze is unique; it is a fire on an international scale. I spoke earlier this evening with the President of Cyprus, and the Prime Ministers of Greece and Spain. As a result, ten aircraft are en route to Israel: Four planes from Greece, four planes from Spain and one helicopter and one plane from Cyprus. I will soon speak with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and will request more planes from additional countries."

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